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What is Seconomize FunSearch?close

Seconomize FunSearch is a "cool" on-site search, navigation and discovery solution for your website. It delivers highly relevant search results and help visitors navigate them easily, with features like category filtering, category sorting and quick products/items previews. It makes on-site finding simple and convenient as possible for consumers while increasing conversions and reducing your required investment.

About usclose

The mission of Seconomize is to deliver the most compelling and comprehensive shopping experience and to become the premier provider of social commerce platforms. Seconomize is dedicated to help retail sellers and online stores generate measurably better results over time by leveraging the power of social media.

Seconomize's core technology is FunSearch, an innovative new way to explore online catalogs, has the potential to become the leader in creating awesome user experiences. FunSearch gives people the power and the ability to extract value out of the information. It shows relationships and reveals hidden trends in a way you never imagined possible. With FunSearch, organizations can turn digital content into impressive online catalogs and increase user engagement and discoverability by enabling a new user experience across their websites.

Seconomize has a stellar team and is headquartered in Israel.

Phones and E-mailsclose

We invite you to contact us for customer support, inquiries, and opportunities.

closeFunSearch Hosted Edition

A no-risk opportunity to see the impact FunSearch can have on your customer satisfaction and overall sales. We will build the entire FunSearch Collection for you including product updates and ongoing management. Implementation is done by simply adding an iFrame to your website or adding a new tab to your official Facebook page.

You won't be charged for any transaction or subscription fees. Start paying for your subscription after three months and only if FunSearch improved your conversion rate and revenue.

closeFunSearch Dedicated Edition

All the features, flexibility, scalability and performance you need to manage the operation in-house and to take your growing business to the next level

We offer our comprehensive on-site search platform to help large and growing businesses improve their conversion rates and forge better relationships with their customers by making searching easier and content more engaging. FunSearch makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data on the web in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun.

closeEngagement Technology

The idea behind FunSearch technology is to make finding products and items (and even user profiles) as simple and convenient as possible for consumers. We invite you to implement our innovative technology, make your websites easy for customers to find your products or items, and you will increase conversions and sales.

FunSearch creates intuitive navigation online experience and enhances it with sophisticated on-site search technology. This simple, inviting interaction solution encourages exploration and longer audience engagement times.